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We're re-imagining self-care for the caregiver

by using a Holistic, circle of support, framework 


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Planning for Wellness™

Independent Support

Having a plan is essential to maintaining your health and wellness while caregiving. Cut down the trial and error process with a copy of The Caregiver's Wellness Planner and access to our 10 minutes or less wellness resources. 


The Balanced Care™ Program

Guided Support

This part of the system is for caregivers who are done trying to "figure it out" and want access to wellness elements designed by experts to specifically help caregivers create a healthier, more balanced caregiving experience.

The Caregiver's Community

Peer based Support

This is a private, non-social media community so people can feel more comfortable sharing with their peers. We will also have different forums so people can connect with others on specific topics. Join us as we gather to share our experiences, resources, and support.


Caregiver Comments

"The Balanced Care program is VITAL and extremely useful to anyone responsible for care duties. The blueprint you provide on how to break down barriers is invaluable."

Carys E.


"The Balanced Care program is awesome!  This helped me so much. I feel like I really know how to continue caring for those I love without sacrificing my own well-being."  

Kathy H.
Retirement Community Support Staff

"The lightbulb moment for me was when you highlighted how we can put our needs at the same level as our care recipient's needs; that it doesn't have to be a choice - we can prioritize them both with some simple changes and expanding our support system. Game. Changer."

Marjorie R.

"For some reason, it took being a part of The Balanced Care program to finally realize that my needs are just as important as the needs of the people I care for. It was using The Caregiver's Wellness Planner that really showed me how I can set and reinforce small self-care habits that over time add up to major victories. Thank you." 

Vanessa G.

"Thank you so much for helping me identify ways I can balance my time as a caregiver. I understand now what it means to have purposeful balance - ways I can treat myself while providing care."

Lilibeth W.

"Everything is so thoughtful and purpose'full.' You truly have developed a navigation system for creating Balanced Care. Thank you." 

Kelly P.
Retirement Community Executive

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